Find Me.


So, I came across this lovely picture on tumblr ‘find me. Love me. Marry me.’ And it just seemed so deep to me. It’s more like a plea rather than a statement. Like we’re all just roaming the earth in desperate need for someone to not only find us but, deem us worthy enough to love us. If we’re lucky enough, they could then go ahead and marry us. This however is not the case because it’s not so much about our love for one another anymore but, more about our love for money, fame, success and other materialistic things of that nature. Anyway, I took time out to make this about out love for each other; our love for the one person that causes a slight disruption in our usual heartbeat. I decided to split in in three short parts so, here is FIND ME.

Find me!… She screamed

Unable to contain herself, contain her desperation. Her skin, pale. Her voice, shaky. Her body, unable to stabilize itself. Her mind, although constantly perambulating round the list of plausible outcomes, still fixated on the thoughts of him. Her focus was slowyly but, surely becoming blurry. She must focus, must be strong, must be audible, must be…

“Find me!” she wailed.

Her voice was thunderous against the sound of raindrops constantly beating the worn aluminum rooftop. The floor was moist and disgusting but that didn’t surpass the disgust which she felt within her. The walls as well as her mental stability, falling apart and caving in. It’s easy to give up now but, hard to deal with the unforeseen consequences. The first time was a waste of sound energy. The second time, a waste of hope. Her command fell upon deaf ears as she was still alone; drowning in misery and salty rain water. With all that she had, she tried again. The third time is supposed to be a charm so, she must prevail.

“Find me” she proclaimed.

“Listen to the sound of my voice and persevere through your search until you find me.”

“Like the roots of a tree burrows through the earth just to find water.”

“Like an ant trails the path made by its species’ pheromones to find it’s comrades.”

“Like the lonely, unmarried woman flees from the comfort of her fathers home to find love in Paris, I pray thee to find me!”

With all hope lost and a half demoralised soul, she gave up. Her world was about to come to an end but she knew she tried her best. She had been through this before but, it seemed like she would not be an overcomer this time around. If this was the end, might as well a few seconds with my Creator.

“Dear Lord, if by sunrise I do not wake, my soul is Yours to take. And if…”

The doors swung open. At the arch of the door stood her Prince Charming not dressed in a coat of shinning armour but, in a drenched, worn out hood, torn bottoms and ancient slippers. Regardless, this was her Prince Charming, her saving grace, her earthly rock and she couldn’t have been any more grateful.

“You found me” she whispered half smiling.

“I found you” he echoed, sweeping her off her feet.



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