Have You Ever.


Have you ever been…
So certain about the one thing that you truly feared?
Forced to flee from your sins although undeclared?
Able to act nonchalant when deep down, you cared?

Have you ever been…
So immensely connected to a performance that you clapped?
Touched ever so gently but, felt slapped?
Overwhelmed by your life’s journey which you single handedly mapped?

Have you ever been…
So desperately wanting to be that soul that inspired?
Wondering where you’d end up if peradventure you retired?
Frustrated with what you had that the world required?

Have you ever been…
So accustomed to the smell of their cologne?
Stupid for being unaware of something you should have known?
Caught regretting the affection which you had conspicuously shown?

Have you ever been…
So engrossed in your mishaps as it seemed endless?
Held close to someone and felt breathless?
Strolling through the valley of the shadow of death feeling defenseless?

Have you ever been…
So bitter and ungrateful?
Looking at someone, considering them distasteful?
Tormented by the past and fearing that the current too would be unfaithful?

Have you ever been…
Sick of fighting?
So overthrown by exhaustion you went into hiding?
Afraid of speaking, you switched to typing?
Unable to express emotions except in a piece of writing?



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