Love Once Lost.


Love once lost can never be regained
That’s the one statement I refused to proclaim
Our love burnt out a few months after it was set aflame
And you walked out swearing never to return again
I was so angry. ‘I hate him’ was all that I exclaimed
A carefree attitude was what I struggled to maintain
I wanted to run to you, take you back but I had to refrain
My deep thoughts and nostalgic moments I could no longer entertain
What went wrong? Who was to blame?
The big unanswered question was what drove me insane
Maybe he was done, he had achieved his aim
Walked out on me and scurried off to his pretty ex, Jane
So I’m out here crying because my tears are insignificant underneath the rain
Our love was once lost and it can never be regained
Accepting this statement brings me nothing but pain



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