Proposed Signs Of The End.

They stay escalating
The pitch and amplitude,
Steady increasing
The compassion in our tone,
Slowly eradicating
Indirect attacks and straight forward insults,
No signs of settling
Words of evil being spat out of the serpents lips,
Intentionally belittling
Unkind professes and disrespectful messages,
In need of deleting

Hearts are darkening
That unwanted nonchalant attitude,
Forever aggravating
The evil now embedded within us,
Stays encouraging
This recently discovered hate,
Pleads attractive
Ignored occurrences from the past,
Always compiling
The previously unmoved pair,
Slowly drifting

In the rain,
I remain dancing
The resentment I felt,
Once crucifying
Unwanted attitudes,
Forever demeaning
But the reality of it all,
Requires little reasoning
The end is in sight,
Slowly but surely approaching
The love that once burned,
Finally in need of extinguishing



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