Why Judge?

imagesBack in highschool there used to be these wwjd bracelets meaning ‘What Would Jesus Do’. The idea was that if you looked at your band every now and again, your subconscious will automatically ask itself that question before acting. Too bad it didn’t work

I live in a society where people are judged by the price of their outfits. Where men who have defiled themselves with multiple women judge other girls for lip locking a few men. What will Jesus do? Jesus will not judge. And it’s amazing because the man in question is perfection. God the son is his human form was righteous and without sin. He did not lie, cheat, steal or kill yet, he never judged.

I believe we’ve all heard of the story which talked about the woman caught in adultery. The fact that the woman was portrayed as the only offender even though she needed a man to complete the activity personally annoys me. Anyway, she was judged for her offense and her penalty was death by stoning. What would Jesus do? Well, exactly what did Jesus did. He did not judge. My savior acknowledged her sin but at the same time, acknowledged the sin of the multitude. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone … (John 8:7) Silence.

Apart from this woman from John, the bible tells a few stories about sinners that the Lord used for his purpose rather than judge them for their sins. Moses, the very same man who led the people of Isreal out of Egypt killed somebody but still at the same time encountered God at the burning bush. He killed somebody but if born into this society, he would have been known as a murderer. Nothing but evil would have been spoken of him or his descendants however, The Lord used him. There were also the likes of Paul/Saul and Solomon and Jacob that really deserved to be ridiculed and judged and condemned but, The Lord did not judge. What would Jesus do?

What makes you believe that a sinner like you can judge a sinner like me when Jesus in his human form did not judge sinners? Jesus came for sinners..he came to show us the way and save us.

Matthew 7:1 clearly states ‘judge not so that ye will not be judged’ Hallelujah somebody. We go about our daily lives thinking that what we do is right. Hence if someone does something contrary to what we’re doing, they deserved to be judged. A man with a body count of 10 dares judge a woman with a body count half that of it. This thing called the double standard that humans now speak of does not however exist in the kingdom of God. She has her past and she might now be saved so, with you going about your usual immoral ways and judging someone else who has found Jesus, guess who will end up in hell in the end?

Go ye therefore and teach all nations. Matt 28:19. Not judge all nations, TEACH all nations. The word of God is very precise about what it expects of us. If you are judging a nation, you are disobeying the word of God. What then will it profit you to commit sin just so you can judge me for committing sin? Who exactly are there nations that we are supposed to teach? 1 peter 2:9 clearly tells us BUT ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a HOLY NATION….. I am the holy nation. The person you think you can judge is a holy nation that you should be teaching.

You cannot judge based on one’s dressing or physical appearance or eating habit or past. Just because you sit there wallowing in your mediocre life full of nothing but regret and lack of achievement does not mean others would like to do the same. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. The stone of criticism. I dare you to cast your stone of judgement and condemnation while God is carefully looking down at you with disappointment.

I read an article on Linda Ikeji’s blog about a woman not loving her husband again. My initial reaction was pity. I thought about how she’ll not only have to marry a man that she does not love but, have children and stay forever as one with him. Then I thought of the reasons why I believed I didn’t love the young man that I was with at a point. Had he changed or was he just not the amazing person he acted like he was in the beginning? Had he lied to her and condemned her for attempting to lie but not going through with it? Had he ignored her when she was in a helpless and pain stricken state? Had he just been unable to show interest in her at all? Then I thought about what she could do to revive the love. I thought about her seeing a pastor concerning it. About God actually being the reason behind this loss of love..maybe their union was not His ultimate plan for either one of them.

While I was thinking of all of the above, I decided to scroll passed the comments section just to see other plausible reasons for this unfortunate discovery then I came across this…

“U didn’t finish d story my dear, tell us dat u r seeing another man datz y, u don’t love ur husband to be anymore, my advice to u is dis forget dat boy dat u r seeing and go ahead with u wedding as for love it will surely locate u two, but if u feel u want to break out bcos u don’t love ur man, many girls r waiting to love him so choose one”

Not only is this statement disrespectful, it is all shades of rude and judgmental. Why would your heart formulate such a lousy reason for such. She said she doesn’t love him again not she doesn’t find him attractive or something superficial.

This is the reason I hate the general mentality that Nigerians have. Especially Nigerian boys. How can you sit and accuse somebody of something of that sort? They sit and pass judgement. Make ignorant statements about situations and people that they do not understand. Nothing gets me angrier than the Nigerian mentality. Try reading through Linda Ikeji’s comment section on every semi-emotional post and you’ll understand what I mean. 90% of the comments consists of ignorant people eager to pass unsolicited and in most cases, close minded judgement on others.

What would Jesus do? Jesus will find a way to save a soul without passing condemning judgement. I cannot stress this enough. ‘The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ and it is this wisdom that allowed Jesus to see the greater picture. Allowed him to act in the way that he did, accept people of all depths of evil and not judge the multitude. That wisdom is greater that any uncivil condemning statement that you have to say about anybody. Put a lock of your disdained judgmental lips because your words are just as evil as the deeds of those that you judge.


One Reply to “Why Judge?”

  1. I’m tired of the “don’t judge me” subject. The fact that someone says something is wrong doesn’t mean they’re judging. If your conscience is clear, the “don’t judge me” statement shouldn’t come up. If it does, you’ve judged yourself already. What I hate is “condemnation”…just what they wanted to do to the adulterous woman. Obviously she had sinned-which is where judging comes in but condemning her to death or shame, and all the embarrassment is a no no. That comment is plain ignorant btw

    Sorry for the rant x


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