What Happens…


But, what happens..
When I’m in his presence
With more dispersion in my eyes than in diamonds
When the ground stands still but somehow trembles below the soles of my feet
With my physical form vibrating
My teeth on their own, constantly clattering
I feel everything but, complete

What happens..
To the place I grew so accustomed to
The comforting silence
To the rouge shade on the apples of my cheeks
The unsolicited shyness
To behavioral changes
First smiling then, screaming
I’m laughing then, weeping
As the conversations keep elongating
I’ve gone from affection to attachment

What happens..
With confession at the tip of my lips
My facial muscles may be paralyzed but my mind uncontrollably speaks
With the darkness encircling my indecisive heart
My guilt, initiating a new form of biological eclipse
With gaps in my memory, completely unexplained cavities
Reality slowly being perceived as fantasies
Escalating rhythm within my chest, slowly questioning my sanity
I’m taking short steps but my spirit leaps

What happens..
As reality breaks through and I wake up from my slumber
When I send out invites and only negativity and rejection come over
As payback strikes and I’m left feeble
Karma attacks and renders me everything but useful
As muscles ache and ribs begin to collapse on my poor love centre
Now dancing alone in the cold
Maybe it’s time to surrender

What happens..
To him or her or the others
Now walking on gold when she belongs in the gutters
To false words and meaningless kind gestures
Although inclined, believing would be preposterous
What happens..
To beautifully slow, heart-rending tunes emanating from her clarinet
When he’s her Romeo
But she will never be his Juliet



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