There I was, moving in a different direction
Our bearings completely independent of each other
He’s calling out to me but I cannot hear
Cannot allow myself to look back
Because behind me, a storm awaited
A way to familiar disaster
Reoccurring and indestructible
And no matter how many times I tried
No matter how much energy I channeled
The storm kept getting worse
Like my tears encouraged the rising waters
And my willpower contributed to the force that it carried
So now I’m sailing away
In an unknown direction
An unimaginable distance
He calls out to me once more
But I cannot look back
Cannot allow myself to feel the nostalgia boiling up
Cannot taste his lips and inhale his essence
I cannot be the same girl
So onwards I continue to move
Away from my situation and into the blue
I allow myself one last thought of him
Something to entertain my journey towards the unpredictable
So we’re sailing
No need for formalities, no point delaying
Due to the wind, involuntarily swaying
Slowly but surely drifting…apart




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