My mother…
She never told me
That as a woman, when you love a man, you love deeply
Never spoke about the attachment you feel
Never explained the heartbreak that will fail to heal
The distraction, frustration
Series of irrelevant interrogation sessions

Moma never hinted the resounding word in your mouth, his name
Never mentioned the embarrassment and the shame
When the one that you love can afford to disrespect
Reduce your self-worth to almost nothing and then neglect

Mother never thought to mention weakness
The butterflies in your belly and the feeling of emptiness
Wanting to leave but feeling stuck..oh my goodness
She failed to explain the true meaning of contemptuousness

Mami never sang about stupidity
Or how after being ransacked of our feminine liquidity
We curl up and cry
Curse the day that you saw this man walking by
But at the end of the night, calmly lay beside and cuddle this new found demon
Slowly fuelling everything but his humility

Madre never talked about sexuality
How it’s complex even in its simplicity
She never defined the art of losing ‘it’
Or the hope that takes you on a journey to find ‘it’
The men that only want to be with you to have ‘it’
And those that stop to care after taking ‘it’

Nne’m never lectured about self control
In the heat of the moment, shut your mouth and go out for a stroll
Never taught me to master the will to be well composed
Or that there will always be situations left undisclosed

My beautiful mother never taught me about their kind
And now at 18, I struggle to understand
The difference between disaster and mankind
Love, hate, confusion and regret
The will to persevere and the fear of change

Ma mere never said that love was pain
Never begged me not to let my insecurities hinder me in vain
Because you alone will be left to wash your tears down the drain
She never mentioned that maybe..just maybe I might fall
Or breakdown when it seems like I can’t handle it all

Mummy really ought to have spoken to me
About the challenges that I would face being a woman in this day and age
But she did more than that
She showed me how to be strong
Indirectly but perfectly
On me, My mother never once did a bad job




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