I’ll Show You. 

North, South, East and West 

I only ever showed you a part of me

Now here’s the rest

The irritation and insecurities

My hour long ramblings

It’s the only way I learned how to vent

The way that I break down ever so often

My thought process, plans to eradicate people I consider rotten

It’s time to display the weight that I bear 

Characteristics I possess which you should fear

Take down the false facade that I display, I’m quite the actress

I’ll show you the layers of my heart 

Although bright red and warm on the outside

It’s pitch black and cold within

I might as well show you the muscles that ache and the bones rendered broken

I’m so beat up on the inside, my physical form has refused to go unspoken

Give you a taste of what a mixture of mascara and tears trailing down my cheeks look like

Why exactly I find company in solitude 

I’ll show you the reality behind the stories that I tell, poems that I create

The type I can’t post in public because I’m scared people might interrogate 

Question my sanity, my humanity, my level of stability

I’ll show you everything willingly and it’s okay to leave

Stand upright and walk right out of my existence 

Save yourself I beg you, begin to retreat 

It’s definitely not worth the stress

I’d have done the same if only I could find my own two feet. 




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