I Will. 

For you I would run
I would force my crushed and unstable bones to stand firm on the floor
I would spend each day taking one thundering step after another
Each one more painful than the former
Come rain come sunshine
Come cold winter nights come summer
I would teach myself stamina and long suffering
I would tame my body because although weak, the mind is willing
For you, I would run

For you I would sing
I would force air into my collapsed lungs
And attempt to convert my inhalation into sound
I would transform my unattractive croaks into sweet resounding melodies
My lyrics would vary
From excitement to happiness
There would be lyrics about falling in love and momentary madness
I would sing words of encouragement
Sing songs, hum poetry
I would sing at the top of my voice
Each time readjusting my tone, amplitude, pitch
It has to be perfectly smooth like the waters running down the stream
For you, I would sing

For you I would dance
I would force my frail physical form to sway
Along to the music, along to the beat
I would do twists and twirls
Break dances and African bumps
It’s unfortunate I can’t twerk
I would take your arm firmly and look right into your eyes
With half an inch of breathing space between our faces, I would follow your movements
My feet would remain glued to the dance floor for as long as you want to sway
For you, I would dance

For you I would smile
I would force my lips to curve upwards into a shape that warms your heart
After sweeping away my depression and all so familiar loneliness
I would squint my eyes in attempt to form smile wrinkles on opposite corners
Although my heart may be crimson red
It’s blood seeping through its multiple cracks
I would ensure that my teeth are white as pearls
All the better to light up your world with my love
For you, I would smile

For you I will
Jump hoops and put out flames
A hundred time once
And then a thousand times over
For you, I will



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