Hey Lovies,

I’ve been MIA for the longest time and I really do apologise for making you miss me so much. Maybe sometime in the future, I would explain my absence better but for now, I’m going to tell you about my next few posts on this beautiful blog of mine. 

So, I usually write my poems alone…on my bed…drowning in food…listening to sad music like a loner. The problem with that is I decided to get rid of all my sad music for a change and inject some afrobeat into my life. Afrobeat music doesn’t particularly bring the depressed part of me to life so, writing has been a bit of a struggle. Also, I have been on this fitfam life for a few months now, trying to slay in my singleness. In between dancing to ‘omo alhaji’ and planning my daily workout exercises, I haven’t had my fair share of inspiration lately.

Now don’t be sad, I wouldn’t abandon you beautiful people which is why I felt the need to start something new. I tried writing poetry with an acquaintance which I posted here and that was a completely different experience for me. Different in a good way. After this, I started writing a story with someone I used to know, which I might post later on. That however was a fail but, I am not a quitter so, once I found a few more friends who equally love poetry, I thought it was worth another shot.

I have three new posts coming up. The first part was written by my twin, KCO and the third part by the most amazing person ever, Mixxy. (the second part was by yours truly, A). We tried to write about the topic of infidelity from three different perspectives and I feel like it came out amazing but, let me know what you think about them down in the comments below.





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