Elevator Business.

I’m on the first floor trying to get to the third

I’m stood in front of the lift and for some reason, I am scared

Taking the fast route

There’s a pain in my ankle solely due to the tightness of my boots.


In a matter of seconds, the lift doors open up

I mean to walk in but, my legs can’t move

Calm yourself baby girl

It’s an elevator not a rollercoaster.


It’s the second floor and the voice in the elevator announces it

Confused, I hit the number ‘3’ a couple more times

But regardless, the doors remain wide open

Why am I here? This isn’t the floor that I had chosen.


With desperation in my eyes, I stare into the camera

Hoping that the spirit of the elevator will permit me to skip this floor

The camera stares back at me ignoring my silent plea

Why won’t this worthless piece of work listen to me?!


With all the courage left in me, I make my way to the opening of the elevator

I’ve been meaning to step out, meaning to face my fears

Meaning to walk up the next two flights of stairs

But, I can’t.


I peer out through the heavy silver doors and there it is

The peculiar door, lucky number __

The familiar scent from a few days before

Unwanted memories cloud my thoughts

I’m overcome by the feeling of nostalgia

This isn’t where I want to be or how I want to feel.


So I’m stuck on the second floor

There’s nothing I can do, no emergency door

I need to deal with this

Face my biggest fear

My heart beats faster as I draw near

I’m not sure what to do next but, I know I cannot remain in here.






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