2013 Yoooooo!

2013 Yoooooo!

Hey beautiful people,

It’s your girl, A and I’m here to give you another one of my long mushy posts. I apologize for abandoning my blog for a while (let’s assume you noticed) but, I just had a lot going on and, I needed time out.

Merry Christmas, merry boxing day, merry day after boxing day, merry last day of 2012, happy new year, happy day after the new year, happy birthday, happy anniversary, congratulations on your new baby. Feel free to reply to whichever concerns you. I also want to take time out to give a S/O to everyone that made it past the supposed end of the world.

So, it’s a New Year and, people are deceiving themselves making New Year resolutions. That shit never works out for me y’know. Last year, my New Year resolutions were to abstain from boys till I’m 20, flee from alcohol, turn party invites down, stop laughing too much and to get a bikini body. Ha. I laugh. Ha Ha. I laugh again. Guess what my resolutions are this year…yup, the exact same things. That’s only because none of them happened last year. God help me. I hope you keep to your own resolutions.

People are starting to go crazy ‘cause it’s a chance to turn over a new leaf, start afresh, be focused. I’m only happy about this year because, last year was burning sulfur (Hell) for me. I actually fell apart for the first time and, I could never bring myself to tell anyone the full thing. It hurts to remember. For Christmas, I asked Santa/God(whichever you fancy) to give me hope for a better year ahead because I lost all the hope I had within me last year. Eventually, I’d see it as a thing of the past. I can only hope for the best ey?

I have a few words to say regarding 2013. It’s not one of my usual rhymey rhymey indirect poems about love and hurt and the person that I fancy. Okay, it might be but, just a little bit. Why is your face like that? You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to y’know?

It’s a new year
A time for new beginnings,
New friendships and,
New relationships in general.
A new attitude towards work and
The people that I dislike.
A chance to take a leap of faith,
Do something out of the ordinary,
Confess my love to my very sexy mister,
Kiss on the boulevard,
And live my life the way I want
Regardless of what “they” might say.
It’s the same old me
Just a little bit redefined.
I have the opportunity to become the person
That I have always wanted to be,
The perfect coursemate, flatmate,
Friend, best friend, girlfriend
And most of all, the perfect daughter.
Meet new people, set new p’s
Have a new outlook on life and relationships.
Same old blog, new characters
I’d use the same set of words,
The same alliterations and puns and euphemisms
Same repetitions, rhymes, idioms
The same style of writing
It’s the same sort of emotions
Love, hurt, lust, pain, rejection
But, my Mister/Lad/Him/You
is brand new.



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