Just A Few Thoughts.

I thought about the brutal winter weather

The cold, merciless Sheffield wind

The slight trembling movements that my fingers made

My misery and how it will eventually fade.


I thought about the crowded streets

Young adults with lectures to meet

The morning skies, a bit too bright, a bit less cloudy

My walk past Mapping Street, Engineers are way too rowdy.


I thought about my 5 inch high, thick African curls

My cream colored coat, dark tights, beautiful pair of pearls

My vintage leather boots that didn’t cost me a dime

My anxiety to get to my 9am class right on time.


I thought about pushing past people, struggling to get through

About eventually crossing the street

Looking for my reflection in the window of a parked car

But, only managing to see the back seat.


I thought about the random guy on the other side

Staring at me like I was a freak show

About why he was staring and what he hoped to find

About him asking to talk to me, not like I would mind.


I thought about how this random guy was you

The way people don’t meet but, meet in the weirdest way

The fact that a day before, I had fake hair on

And how me being noticed would have been a fantasy long gone.


I thought about you yesterday

It’s 2:30 am and, I’m thinking about you today

So, I’m sure as hell going to think about you tomorrow

It doesn’t matter that we’re now in different boroughs.


I thought about you

I thought about us

About what we may become

Then, I thought about facing ice cold rejection.


All of a sudden, I thought about nothing

And then I concluded that I was sleeping

Because it is only in my dreams that I cannot choose

To think about my very beautiful mister,

The one that made me forget about my numerous ‘boos’





6 Replies to “Just A Few Thoughts.”

  1. Akunna I mean its been 7days a whole week and there isn’t anything for me to read 😦 write something, even if its about war or peace, missiles and nukes just write something I’m getting bored :/


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