My Imaginary Walk Back Home.

It’s dark, it’s quiet,

It’s lonely and, for some reason, I really need the toilet.

I’m walking back home, accompanied by my lover,

We’re running like fools,

It’s freezing because this isn’t summer.

Laughing at the top of my voice,

I need not laugh but, I’ve made my choice.

Talking because it’ll be awkward if we don’t.

Smiling because…why are we smiling?

I am fully aware of my reason for smiling but, his?

It’s pretty casual,

Nothing so unusual.

I feel pressure around my waist,

It’s his hands, I feel like all my efforts have not gone go waste.

This is just an act of kindness to him,

However, to me it’s an event that initiates fireworks in my rock hard heart.

If only he knew how I felt,

What these few minutes meant to me.

Attraction? Lust? Obsession?

Not really sure but, we’ll call it love by convention.

In almost a second, I’m stood my door,

I don’t want it to end; I need him a little more.

We say our goodbyes and he walks away,

I feel like I’ve found the perfect man but, he’s kept me at bay.





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