Day 1 Current relationship status. Discuss this single life.


I have a feeling people are interested in my reply to this question only because I always write about ‘my love’. Hmmmm. Now who exactly is my love? Some guy I’m obsessed with or my boyfriend? Is A in a relationship? Does she even fancy the idea of commitment? Does she have the qualities of a girlfriend? Does she have potential suitors? Is she a victim of unrequited love? Is she too unattractive to captivate the attention of any of the boys she has encountered? Is she a lesbian? Is she really a girl?! Why am I talking about myself in third person? Omg omg I know something that you don’t know. Unfortunately, you’ll find out in the next few paragraphs so, you’ll know exactly what I know and, this wouldn’t be fun anymore 😦

I had to glance up at the title again to be sure that this post actually answers the question. I happen to be an expert at going off point in almost everything I write. Essays, blog posts, cards, even when I’m speaking. Funny enough, I’m beginning to go off point again.

So I’m on my 3rd paragraph and I haven’t answered the question *glances back at title*. I happen to have a distinct relationship status. For normal people, you’re either in a relationship or single . To me, that sounds like ‘you’re either in bondage or lonely and miserable’ and, I am neither to be honest. I’m actually a bit of both which makes me special. Not crazy or weird but, special. I am in a relationship with someone who isn’t really aware of our relationship. This way, I’m off the market but, I’m not in bondage. At the same time, I’m semi-single. I’ve got the beeeeest of both worlds jenebdksjsu then I rock out the show. Yurrrr. All you have to do is like someone that’ll never return the favour. It’s simple really.

I have a feeling a lot of you have now concluded that I am a nut case and, I don’t blame you. However, if you knew me you’d know that I’ve been yarning dust in the past 3 paragraphs. I am single and ready to mingle with all the beautiful boys in the world.

This is the part where I’m supposed to discuss the single life and the reason why I made up all that nonsense in the beginning. I’ll tell you a secret now…I have been single all my life so, I can’t really “discuss the single life”.But, shh don’t tell anyone cause more often than none, it pushes boys away. No one wants a jjc(Johnny just come AKA a learner) in the relationship sector. It’s almost like making a fresh graduate the MD of a company.I’ll just tell you about my life. An example of the single life.

Being single allows me to do anything I like, whenever I like and with whoever I like. I can shake hands with whichever boy I want to(I don’t really mean shake hands btw ^_^), go partying in the middle of the night and ‘gnird’ all the boys in the club if I fancy, Flirt flirt flirt. It’s ridiculously fun. Whoo! Being single removes the guilt that is almost always present when talking to people of the opposite sex. I could have a few boys on my case, probably leading them on but, still flirting with another hot mixed race boy and, I wouldn’t feel guilty one bit. The plan is to have as many ‘runzers’ as possible. I’m single right? Why limit yourself to like only one boy? Why flirt with only one boy? Why go out on dates with only one boy? Why kiss only one frog? Why restrict yourself? People in relationships believe that single people are having the time of their lives so, we might as well make it seem like we are. Go single people! We are great, oh yes we are! Me, I’m having fun sha I don’t know about the rest of you.

However great I have made my single life seem, there will always be setbacks, cons, disadvantages. The thing is, I love my single life up until I start liking someone. It is only then that I begin to notice all the cute couples on the street and long for my very own emotional rock. Someone to lean on when I’m weak. Someone that’s more than just my friend. Someone to call whenever I like. Someone I can kiss any and everywhere. Someone to call me his. Someone I can call mine. Someone I am sure about. Someone that makes me laugh when I’m miserable. Someone I want to talk to about all my never ending problems. Someone older to always look out for me. Someone to help me grow emotionally. Someone smart that could bestow upon me his knowledge. Someone that I’ll be scared of losing. Someone that knows me and loves me regardless. Someone I know and love unconditionally. Someone, anyone. I am all for love. In love with the idea of being in love. It’s crazy really. I’ll begin to want dates and deep conversations and flowers and chocolates and strawberries and champagne and slow music and bare skin contact and hot baths and rose petals and hardcore mmmmm. I’m starting to fantasise now.

The point is, despite the fact that I have failed to experience life in a relationship, I still yearn for the romantic gestures. I long for the life of commitment. I dream of arguing with the love of my life and running back to apologise for fear of losing him. I want to leave my single life behind but, I am overcome by a fear of the unknown. I don’t know if that’s why the single people reading my blog are still single, I can only speak for myself. I also don’t know if I have answered the question in the title. I doubt that would shock any of my frequent readers though. But, I have managed to summarize how my single life really is. I cannot compare or contrast between the single life and life in a relationship because I’ve never had the nerve to jump over that single-relationship fence or, walked through the doors of love and commitment. I’m not sure if that’s bad or not. I mean, I’m not 20 yet so there’s still plenty of time to look for husband (I’m beginning to sound like my mum with all this husband talk). The single life is the only life I’ve ever known, it’s what I’m used to so,can’t let it bother me.

Now, I have to work on ‘Day two’ hmph

Ever Single A


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