I Want.

I Want…
To be the optimistic friend that pessimists need
To be one of the strong women that the world lacks
To be the independent girl that females hope to become
To be the determined daughter that parents yearn for
To be the hard working student that lecturers dream about
To be the happy disposition that everyone wants to be around
To be the erudite young lady that men pray to find
To be the blameless soul that God wants me to be
To be what ‘they’ want me to be

I want to be left alone really
I cannot be a lot of the things above
Why can the world not come to terms with that?
I am who I am
And if that isn’t good enough then, crucify me
I won’t stop you
Why can’t I be left alone?
Free from incredibly high expectations
Free from being judged by the people who barely know me
Free from the misery that haunts me when I return back home
Free from it all
I want to be alone
In a quiet corner, a quiet room, a quiet house, a quiet city, a quiet part of the world
I need time to think, analyze and come to a conclusion
Time to become the person that I want to be
Time away from all the confusion
Time away from the people that I am familiar with
I want to be alone.

(There’s so much pressure on fragile little me. My spirit is upset and I can’t deal with it. So many things don’t make sense right now and this post may be one of them. I might take it down in a few days when I begin to understand the situation at hand but until then, this is what you get)

There’s no love left in me


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