Long Back…

Your face hunts my eyes
I can’t stop picturing it even after 1, 2, 3 tries.
Your voice slightly tickles my eardrums
To that, I say yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
Your smile acts like my artificial pacemaker
I pray thee to keep your smile
So that my heart may remain beating.
Your laugh is like music to my soul
I’d be a comedian if it keeps the rhythm calm and slow.
And when you come close to me
I can barely breathe
I get a weird tingle in my belly
This feeling is unknown to me.
Your smell lingers in my soul
Constantly cleansing me
Its got almost the same effect as anointing oil and a bowl.
When we kiss it’s heaven on earth
Joy everlasting in my spirit
It’s hard to take a breath.
You’d hold my hands and my pacinian corpuscles become extra sensitive
To a touch so tender
A touch so affective.
From my palm to my face
and down my abdomen
My strong, healthy cardiac muscles are beating faster
As if preparing for a big race.
I’d look into your eyes and you’d stare back
Expecting me to say something, anything
But I hesitate and let my eyes fallback.
I’d pause for a second and allow my lips to shyly curve upwards
Sometimes, words can’t explain how I feel
So, all I can manage is a smile, bright and emotion filled as can be.
I can’t understand this
Yet alone, explain it
All I know is,
My body longs for yours and so does my soul
It is only fair that you long back.



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