My Lips May Lie But, My Body Does The Exact Opposite.

I try to act distant
Stay distant
Keep my thoughts far away from what is apparent
Speak words that oppose how I really feel
But regardless of how hard I may try
I fail to conceal the underlying truth
Because a part of me will always give it away
My body
My body is incapable of acting out the lies that my lips utter
My body fails to agree with what I want it to agree with
A strong bond seems to exist between my subconscious and my physical body
As it only moves in the way that my subconscious moves
Lingers around the one I admire in the way that my subconscious thoughts linger around him
Squirms when slightly touched in the way that my subconscious squirms when imagining being in direct contact with him
My lips lie but no part of my body except my hips does the same
Words mean nothing while body language is everything
I pray thee to lend a deaf ear to my empty words and evasive lies
See through them and pay attention to the language that my physical form speaks
The uncontrollable smile plastered on my face
The weird way in which I stare at you
The manner in which my hands wrap around you when I pull in for an embrace
The awkward movements that my hands make only because they want to be somehow entwined in yours
My lips may lie
But my body cannot no matter how hard I try
I pray the to lend a deaf ear to my pointless ramblings
I apologize for being unable to express clearly, what most people refer to as true feelings





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