Long Time No Views 😪


I’ve actually had 0 views steady for such a long time..just when I was beginning to believe I was popular. It’s not your fault, I really haven’t posted anything to read so don’t let your guilt overwhelm you.

With close to 80 notes on my phone and the most dramatic love life yet, one would expect my blog to be dripping with fresh new deep posts every week. Well things are never the way they seem and I’m sure by now, we all know that. The thing is despite the drama and secrets and the surge of unwonted feelings that I feel rushing through me momentarily, there’s really nothing to right about. Nothing I can write about. Nothing I could bring myself to write about. Nothing I should write about. I’ve just realized that there are so many hidden rules about so many different circumstances. Do not talk about it, do not consult the enemy about it, do not stand your ground, do not try to be anything more that what you already are. Ugh these stupid nails aren’t letting me type like a human being.

I should go over my first paragraph because I might have not only written down shit but, it’s probably in really poor grammar. Oh well, we can’t all be perfect. Anyway, I’ve been busy dealing with my emotions for the past few months hence, the lack of posts but, that’s going to change…I believe. There have been multiple changes to my both circumstance and the person that I am. I wish I could write a book and tell everyone about this soap opera that I call my life; a few of you could possibly learn from my stupidity.

‘Where you at’ by Jennifer Hudson is actually the reason writing so much rubbish at this point. I just might write a post about that song. The thing is, like everyone else, I have minor issues mostly due to my very uncertain personality. Usually, I don’t have to think about these issues because I have an ultimate bestfriend(Ninja) that distracts me. However, he’s gone for a month and I know I’m not the first but, it’s difficult to not feel empty without my ninja. For this reason, it’s likely that your reader may be full of heartrending posts from ‘A’



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