100 Truths.

Hi my lovies,

So I’m currently listening to Whisky Lullaby which is so far the deepest song I’ve heard this year hence, my best song yet. My best song is probably of no interest to anyone but at least, that’s one thing you know about me, A. Talking about things you know about me, I came across 100 truths on my baby girl’s blog and it seemed like a nice thing to do for myself while i come up with another emo post for my lovely readers. I’m going to assume my lovely readers have missed seeing my all so amazing posts and summarize my reasons for abandoning my blog for so long. Lately, writing has been one of the most difficult things to do. I had exams to study for, a nonexistent social life to sort out, a relationship to possibly terminate and my spiritual life to revive. So, my mind has been too busy to think of anything miserable to write. Although my posts give cause for people to believe that my life has been conquered by depression, I’m usually overjoyed or at least remotely happy when I write my posts. So, writing in a depressed state doesn’t really work for me. Anywayyyyy…

100 truths

Last beverage – Capri Sonne (if this is considered a beverage)
Last phone call – Nana Skye
Last text message – Tomi
Last song you listened to – Whisky Lullaby- Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss
Last time you cried – I wish I could say ‘last year’ but, a few days ago

️Have you ever
Dated someone twice – Nope
Been cheated on – Quite uncertain about this one
Kissed someone – Yes
Lost someone special – Too  many times
Been depressed – Not particularly
Been drunk and threw up – Nope

Favourite colours – Purple and Black

Have you
Made new friends – Depends on how you choose to define the word ‘friend’
Fallen out of love – Haven’t fallen in love to start with
Laughed until I cried – Yes
Met someone who changed you – Said person influenced my views on life experiences in general. My values and priorities included and, maybe, that changed the person that I was.
Found out who your true friends were – You can never be completely sure about things like this but, I believe so
Kissed someone on your friend’s list – Don’t know what this means
How many people on your friend’s list do you know in real life – same as above
Do you have any pets – 5/6 dogs that I’m afraid of
Do you want to change your name – Nope
What did you do for your birthday – Clubbing with the amazing group of people that I call my friends + I went for a dreamboys show in London with my girlfriends

What time did you wake up today – 7 am…had a paper at 9
What were you doing at midnight last night – Attempting to cram all the enzymes involved in photosynthesis and respiration

Name something you cannot wait for – I can’t choose between finally becoming a surgeon and finally being sure of the person I’ll spend forever with
Last time you saw your father – On the 9th of January
What is be thing you wish you could change about your life – My inability to be satisfied(I always think of how much better things concerning me could be)
What are you listening to right now – With you – Chris Brown
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom – Nope
What’s getting on your nerves right now – My lack of talent in the vocals sector
Most visited webpage – sheffield.ac.uk / iroko.com / whatever new link 1channel has now

What’s your name – A.
Nicknames – Akusweets
Relationship status – In a relationship with my bestfriend and the love of my life
Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius
High School – Lekki British International High School
College/University: The University of Sheffield

Hair Colour – Black
Long/medium/short – Short
Height – 5″7 (I dont actually know tbh, but, that sounds tall enough)
Do you have a crush on someone – Lol
What do you like about yourself – The things that my mind conceives
Home town – PortHarcourt
Tattoos- Nope
Righty or lefty- Righty

First surgery – None
First relationship – 18
First best friends – Hmm
First sport you joined – Basketball
First pet – My baby ‘trixxie’ who was actually a male dog despite his name
First vacation – England
First concert – Never been to one
First crush – Biology

Right Now
Eating – Nothing
Drinking – Wonderful natural enzyme solution
Already missing – My carefree years
I’m about to – Look for food to ingest
Listening to – Tshirt- Shontelle
Thinking about – How to surprise my baby on the 14th of February
Waiting for – a miracle

️Your Future
Want kids – 4 beautiful and blessed kids
Want to get married – To my bestfriend
Careers in mind – Surgeon

️What you prefer in the opposite sex
Lips or eyes? – Eyes
Hugs or kisses – Both
Shorter or taller – Way taller
Older or younger –Older

Romantic or spontaneous- Both
Nice stomach or nice arms –Nice character over all
Sensitive or loud –Sensitive but, willing to be loud if need be
Hook-up or relationship – Relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant – A bit of both

Have you ever
Drank hard liquor – Yes
Lost glasses/ contacts –Nope
Had sex on 1st date – Nope
Broken someone’s heart – Lol apparently, I have
Had your heart broken – Lol it’s not so much about being heartbroken but, about being angry at somebody that I believe I love
Been arrested – Nope
Turned someone down – Lol more times that deserve
Cried when someone died – Yes
Liked a friend that’s of the same sex – Nope

Do you believe in
Yourself – Not in the slightest way
Miracles – Yes
Love at first sight- Love is a new concept that I’m still trying to grasp so, maybe attraction at first sight but, definitely not love
Heaven – Yes
Santa Claus – Nigerian parents can’t let this happen
Kiss on the first date – Depends on the person
Angels – Yes

Is there one person you want to be with right now – Nope
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend – hmm
Wish you could change things in the past – No, it’s because of my past that I have become the person that I am now and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way
Are you posting this as 100 truths – Yes






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