The Other Women.

J. We are the other women.

A. The ones that let themselves love a bit too much
The rejected

J. Outside looking in
The other face in the mirror
A reflection of my former self

A. We’re the ones to blame, we commited the sin

J. We hate the game . But we can’t change it

A. Overwhelmed by lust

J. Overwhelmed by love

A. It’s hard to fake it

J. Clawing helplessly at the seams of our broken heart
We search for absolution

A. Trying to put the pieces together
While we hold back our dark confessions

J. S , the scarlet let we bear on our chest
Reminding us we are nothing more late night steamy fumbles

A. The voices in our head constantly bombarding us with aggressive words
We yearn to forget
Hope to be forgotten
But love holds us back

J. Bodies entangled in shameless exploration
Deep slow movements, small sounds escape my lips
A euphoric feeling between my legs

A. Profound yet, feeble
The slight rhythmic trembling of my physical form
Underneath his touch, his stare
His masculine figure stretched above me, beautiful and bare
For a moment, I was tricked into believing that I could be the one
His only one
But the other woman is who I have become
And the other woman is what I will always be.




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