10 Day Me Challenge..Superwoman Version.

Hey lovies,

Guess who’s back back back…back again gain gain..Yes you got it! I’m back! Let’s just imagine you’re all so excited to see me back again on WordPress. I’m actually excited to put words on paper..Words on paper? Well you understand what I mean. It just feels like I’m back home, in my imaginary world, on my blog, with my amazing readers.

So it only seems fair that I explain the reason for my absence. I mean, that’s how it usually works right? Well, firstly, I’ve had the longest most stressful exam period this January and all I can say is..Jesus gat me. So exams were over on the 29th and I thought whoop one week holiday till the start of school, this is going to be fun. Little did I know that it would be the worst week ever. Why is this the worst week? Only because I received ‘Ella’ from yet another company and I’m starting to believe that God has kept my multimillionbilliontrillionaire somewhere in the corner waiting for me to find him seeing as getting a job is looking beyond possible. So this might be a good thing in the long run. Also because the word ‘betrayal’ has gone from being a random word in the dictionary to becoming my reality and, I’ve just really lost the will to write buttttt you don’t care about my week do you? No? Woah I was hoping you’d say yes.

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!!! I hope your year is going a lot better than mine. I’m going to jump right into the 10 day challenge only I’d do it in one post because I think I’m super woman. Soooooo..


10 Secrets

They wouldn’t be secrets once I tell you so I really can’t answer this question.

9 Loves

1) My Creator – My everything.

2) Food – I’d like to give a huge ‘shala’ to my main chick; food. She’s always there for me in literally different forms. Eg: green tea and broccoli when I feel like lying to myself about how healthy I am. Popcorn, cake and ice cream on my miserable ‘I’m so sad I’m going to ingest high carbs’ days. Garri and soup on the days when I’m motivated to be thick. I love you side chick.

3) My Family – No Comment.

4) My Friends – My Blessings. I keep trying to explain how I feel about my friends…my real friends but, I could never put it in actual words.

5) Music – This has to be the root of my dramatic nature. I love the diversity, the lyrics, the emotions, the stories behind. Music is like food to my soul guys.

6) Poetry – This is practically the same as music only I think poetry is more creative and subject to multiple interpretations. It’s brilliant. Like music without the tunes but a whole lot of soul, a whole lot of rhythm.

7) Makeup – Watch me go from geeky blogger to Beyoncé real quick. I’m especially obsessed with eyeshadow but it sucks because I have no eyelids AKA Chinese eyes ‘eyes Chinese though we smoking sour diesel

8) Love – Can I love love? Or maybe the idea of it. I love love and everything that follows; both good and bad. Yes yes I’m a hopeless romantic.

9) Beautiful messages – I typed beautiful but I really meant cute. You know the feeling you get when someone sends an unexpected cute message or you wake up to a cute message? The one that starts warm in your belly then spreads to your heart before going to your brain? Yes, the one that keeps you smiling for hours. It’s just amazing but in a calm way.

8 Fears

1) Me – Anyone else have moments where they surprise themselves? Yh I’ve got that too..a bit too often as we. For this reason I’m just scared that I might do or think or say something that may be beyond absurd.

2) Rejection – This is funny because I’ve been rejected three times this school year so the saying ‘what you are most afraid of would happen to you’ actually holds water.

3) Failure – With failure comes rejection so, I feel like this had to follow next. Also, nobody wants to look back at their lives at 40 and think about how big of a failure they are. I am absolutely terrified of failing at school, in life, in relationships etc

4) Regret – This might actually be my biggest fear mostly because regret is a permanent thing since we can’t go back and change things. It’s so scary to imagine looking back on a particular situation and regretting it for the rest of my life. That’s why more often than none, I think twice then two times more and another 200 times after that before making decisions.

5) Dogs – Even though I’ve got 5 dogs at home and at some point we had 2 + 10 puppies, I would always hate dogs.

6) I’m afraid of growing up too fast because I might miss experiences or adventures or feelings that could only be observed among the young at heart.

7) I can’t decide if I’m more scared of being a pain in the ass wife or a pain in the ass mother. Hopefully, I’m neither in the future. Either way. I’m scared of getting into a marriage that doesn’t have its foundations rooted in the word of God.

8) I’m afraid of making plans. It takes time and effort and passion and a lot of thinking to draw up a plan. A plan for your life, a plan for a weekend getaway, a plan for a conversation etc. So there’s very few things more frustrating than not having thing work out and constantly changing your plans to fit around the reality you’re faced with. Now I just go where life takes me. Ofcourse I have vision but I’ve given up on the plan idea.

7 Wants

1) I want to wake up in a new Bugatti.

2) I want to be happy and have everyone I care about to be even happier.

3) I want Greggs’ chicken bake and white chocolate cookies delivered to me for free every other day.

4) I want free makeup for no good reason.

5) I want a bottomless debit card. That doesn’t make sense but basically, I never want to run out of money.

6) I want to be the queen of my empire and that’s funny because of the next point.

7) I want to rent an apartment on the corner of a busy street in New York. Waking up to a beautiful view and the smell of coffee emanating from the Starbucks shop a few floors below. I want canvases and paint brushes and a loose bun, loose tank top, a high bench positioned right in front of my window so I could view the landscape in search of new inspiration for my next masterpiece. I want art.

6 Places

1) My bed – Forever comfortable.

2) New York – I’ve watched too many movies, I feel like this city would be home for me in my next life.

3) Spain

4) Paris – Parce que je voudrais voir enfin la ville de l’amour. To be completely honest, back in 2010 I conquered my extended French paper and I suddenly believed I could speak French. Now if I could speak French, why would I settle down with some Yoruba/Igbo speaking pot bellied man? I was going to run to Paris and find the love of my life so we could have little French babies and speak French forever malheureusement, je avais torte. Mais, my google translate game is still on point.

5) London – Only because I like the way ‘London Town’ sounds.

6) Bora bora – Honeymoon baby!

5 Foods




Maybe gala

And rice

4 Books

I’ve read too many to remember so I’ll just list 4 authors.

Jackie Collins

James Patterson

Sydney Sheldon

Ted Dekker

3 Films


The Notebook

The Vow

2 Songs

I’m going to cheat a little in this section. Mostly because the first video is really two songs but it’s one video so surely it must be allowed.

1 Picture of Yourself 

So this is the part where I put up a really attractive selfie. I thought of doing that but, my brain interpreted this in a different way. So, allow me to be queer and say that each time I look in the mirror, I seldom see the face of the girl in my selfies. I hardly see eyes or lips not to mention my nonexistent hips. What I see is a whirlwind of qualities, characteristics, past experiences and opportunities yet to be uncovered. It all looks like a random mix of attributes now but each day, I see distinct qualities that would definitely lead me to a successful future. So what exactly would a picture of this ‘me’ look like? It’s down below.


That’s it guys 🙂





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